Plant Fermentative Extracts (Foil bag)

More Than 101 Kinds

Uniquely Enhanced with L-Arabinose and Isomalt-oligosaccharides

Product Description:

More than 101 natural ingredients of vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, herbs, seeds, and roots . Undergo a unique 180-day fermentation process, followed by over 365 days of maturation to create plant-based enzymes.

L-Arabinose: Promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria, low in calories, reduces sugar burden, and enhances the natural proliferation of bifidobacteria!

Isomalt-oligosaccharides: A prebiotic oligosaccharide.

A Vitality Treasure Trove Created for Those Who Pursue Nutritional Health

  • Ensuring balanced nutrition.
  • Maintain digestive tract functions.
  • Boosts metabolism, strengthens and revitalizes health.
  • Adjusts physical constitution, maintaining health.

Net Weight: 15ml

129 TWD



Promotes smooth digestive function