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Our philosophy 

Realizing Health Foods

【MayHerbs History】

MayHerbs was funded by a group of loving foods through a natural better extraction way. The founder was specialized food export and marketing export for more than 20 years experience. Another founder was doing finance background and design creation great experience to build MayHerbs International Co., Ltd together!

Our Products

植萃酵素 Plant Extract Enzymes
植萃酵素 Plant Extract Enzymes

"New" Plant Extract Enzymes

More than 545 days Natural Fermentation, No Chemical Extract, No Artificial Additives, No High Heat Process Secondary Procedure. Retain Nutrition & Phytochemical ! Click here for more details

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珍珠膠原胜肽粉 Health Beauty Care
珍珠膠原胜肽粉 Health Beauty Care

Health Beauty Cares

Change your concept of Health Supplements! No Artificial extraction capsules, tablets, truly present 100% original valuable ingredients to who cares health, take care your every day

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Natural Herbal 

Full Traceable Agricultural Products Passed more than 381 inspection 

 Passed 381 inspections pesticide-free No artificial sweeteners, flavors ,colors  No preservatives

Natural Chrysanthemum Tea 

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Herbals Tea

0% Caffeine Lemon Verbena+Rosemary Tea, Low Caffeine GABA Taiwan Tea , Black Tea Series special add USDA Organic Black Tea Leaves, Nature Herbals Tea series

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零添加點心 Health Snack
零添加點心 Health Snack

Health Snacks

Different Choices! We choose agricultural products With No Artificial Food additives, No preservatives, No artificial flavors & Colorings to make a series of healthy snacks for you

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Environment Friendly

Extracts From Natural Fermentation

Delivery from Farmers

Eat Health be Health

Safety Certification: No Pesticide Residues , No Medical Drugs , No Heavy Metals, No Plasticizers, No Preservatives Certificates 

5 Categories of Plants: More than 100 kinds of Vegetables, Fruits, Mushrooms, Herbs, Roots & Seeds from local farmers cooperation

Individually fermented each plant for more than 545 days, Extracted the crops of God's gifts under the most natural way. 

Control temperature with precision technology to retain the activity and stability.

Environment Friendly Green Energy Processing and Manufacturing.