New-Plant Fermentative Extracts

More Than 101 kinds of 5 category Plants

Natural Plant Enzymes Extracts -New

Premium Sugar Isomalto-Oligo & L-Arabinose

Natural Fermentation Extracts


More than 100 kinds of 5 categories Vegetables, and Fruits Over 545 days Natural Fermentation 100% Pure Extract Concentrate -Liquid retain Phytochemical and Nutrients, Premium Sugar Isomalto-Oligo & L-Arabinose

Net Weight: 750ml 

2,680 TWD

Health Body As a Light Bulb

Natural Plant Enzyme Extracts

Your beauty and health care 

Specially L-arabinose and Isomalto-oligo


Sugar Suppression

Probiotics Promotion

L-arabinose metabolic conversion of sucrose with a blocking action, it control diabetes diet and other aspects of good. American Medical Association included it in the nutritional supplement of anti-obesity agents, prevent constipation, promote the growth of Bifidobacterium.

Source: A + & Medical Encyclopedia Wikipedia

High Quality Sugars

We are the First one used Isomalto-oligo and L-Arabinose for our Enzyme Extracts

100% from Five Category Plant under natural Fermentation 

5 Certificate Guarantees

No Pesticide residues
No Plasticizer
No Heavy metals
No Medicinal Ingredients
No Preservatives

Rich in superoxide dismutase (S.O.D.)

More than 101 Kind Plants

Five Categories fresh plant from Taiwan friendly environments

Unique Fermented Extraction Technology Effectively Retain Nutritionist& Activities

Nutritional Vitality

Regulate Physiology

Metabolism Easily


Natural fermented plant probiotics

Rich in more than 101 kinds of fruits and vegetables Nutrients essence, fruit polyphenols, fresh herbal energy phytochemical

The formula is based on the principle of Chinese medicine with a Golden ratio and the principle of nutrition.

Mild formula for mostly people!!!

Health Requires to get used to everyday!

You can have full energy of plants, just save a cup of coffee, tea and drink

Love yourself every day!!!  

Health and Beautiful Live


Chemical Extract Free , Food & Chemical Additives Free

Alcohol Free, Pure Plant Extracts Essence of every bite

For special you and your family