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Multi-country raw material patented  certification: the United States, Japan, Taiwan and other raw material patent formulas.

Exclusive selection

➢Patented process - 100% natural pure pearls, ultra-fine grains up to 7700Mesh,  complete retention of pearl protein, rich in amino acids, organic calcium and trace elements

➢Patented Collagen Peptide 30000mg, (No.1 Collagen Peptide Manufacturer in Japan)

➢Patented natural cockscomb extract - replenishes lost hyaluronic acid

➣Patented non-deformable type II collagen has multi-national patents to reduce joint inflammation

➣Patented glucosamine has multi-national patents, unique chondroitin, enhances articular cartilage structure and tissue


Glucosamine + Collagen Peptides + Pearl Powder + Natural Cockscomb Extract + Non-denatured Type II Collagen + Soluble Dietary Fiber from Corn (Non-GMO) + Lemon Extract

Net Weight: 90g  (glass bottle for medicine)

1,680 TWD