Mushroom Jerky

Mushroom Jerky-Vegetarian

The newest Choice for the healthiest vegetarian jerky!

Mushroom stalks, high fiber, Low oil and Low Salt.

Retain the flavor of shiitake mushrooms.

Flavor: Dried Champignon

Preservative, Color, Flavor FREE

Net Weight: 150g+-5%/Bag

Shelf Life: 6 Months

199 TWD

Mushroom Jerky

Dried Stewed Mushroom Jerky

Pay attention to less oil, less salt, low-fat thick dried champignon.

In the pursuit of health, use fresh mushroom on stem to remove the water out, retaining the nutritional and flavors for seasoning.

It is great and best choice suitable for vegetarian and who cares health people.

Vegetarian Flavor: Dried Champignon

Preservative, Color & Flavor FREE

Package: 150g per bag 30bags/Carton

Shelf Life: 6 months

Great Taste with Delicious Crispy