Pearl Powder Collagen Peptide

Pearl Powder Collagen Peptide (Medical Glass Bottle)

100% Pure Micronization Pearl Powder up to 7700mesh, conjugated Collagen Peptide in 30,000mg first. 

Adopt U. F. S.I.G low-temperature patented process, retain pearl protein intact, rich in amino acids, organic calcium and trace elements.

Combination formulas of America, Japan and Taiwan patents.

Net Weight 110g

2,180 TWD

PEARL POWDER Passed On Centuries 

The early ninth century, people used pearl powder as a medical treatment to treat diseases in Europe. Up to now, there are still many countries that have confirmed the effectiveness of pearl powder in beauty, health, and skin, and it is the most natural source of calcium and micronutrients. 

It has been known for many centuries that pearl powder is good for health. Pearls are rich in natural calcium carbonate and amino acids,  "the perfect ratio of calcium to amino acids and trace elements was created by God. In the pearl"!

Pearl protein, Rich in natural amino acids

Precious pearl protein (Conchiolin), among the 20 amino acids required by the human body, pearl protein contains more than 18 kinds of amino acids and 15 kinds of micro element.  Amino acids are the main constituent factors of proteins and play an extremely important role in various physiological functions of the human body.

Low Temperature Micronization

Pearl Powder is composed of most molecules, calcium carbonate with collagen molecules composed of amino acids, high temperature grinding or adding chemical agents will affect and change the nutritional composition of pearls,

Therefore, the best grinding method is controlled at the lowest temperature, patented nitrogen-filled grinding, and the average diameter of pearls is controlled below 100nm
1nm=0.001um=10⎺7cm mesh, better absorption with fine smaller proper size powder, retaining natural elements.

Activated Organic Pearl Calcium

Precious pearl ingredients contain calcium carbonate CaCOℨ, trace elements to help calcium absorption, "calcium" among the elements required by the human body is the most difficult to ingest, as the age increases calcium absorption rate and absorption will gradually decrease, it is recommended to consume 1200mg per person per day , Timely supplement the most important natural active calcium from daily life.

Natural Taurine

Pearl powder is the most worth mentioning-non-protein amino acid-taurine (Taurine). In recent years, medical research and clinical experiments have found that taurine is useful for strengthening physical strength, cardiovascular, liver, cholesterol health, and eliminating fatigue. Effectiveness, the popular functional drinks around the world are mainly supplemented with taurine, such as Red Bull in Austria, Lihe Health in Japan, Baolida in Taiwan...etc

Will It Make Lithiasis?

Lithiasis problem cause by, oxalate stones, phosphate stones, and no carbonate stones. This is a common misconception that pearl powder has nothing to do with stones.

Taking kidney stones as an example, if the urine concentration changes, the water is too little, and the salt is too much, it will cause the salt material to precipitate and gather into small stones, forming stones!

Pearl powder is absorbed by the body through the action of hydrogen ions in stomach acid to make calcium into an ionic state and is absorbed. Insufficient calcium is easy to cause kidney stones.

The best way to prevent stones: drink more water, eat less high-salt foods, high in fiber!

Importance of calcium supplement

99% of human calcium exists in bones and teeth, and the other 1% is distributed in cells and tissues. The body needs a good regulating function to maintain blood calcium stability.

When the body lacks calcium, it will cause the bones to release a lot of calcium into the blood, which is easy to cause osteoporosis.

100% Pure Pearl Powder, Precious Pearl Protein!

The patented low-temperature process is ultra-micron, and the precious elements are preserved. The professional-grade cultured pearls are selected for edible grades for 4 to 5 years. They are dried at 20 to 50ºC and use UFSIG's patented low-temperature nitrogen-filled grinding -196ºC ultra-sonic high-speed vibration to produce Cavatation. Grinding, retaining pearl protein intact, rich in amino acids, organic calcium and trace elements.


Body Cell Brace -Collagen

What is collagen?

Collagen is an important protein in human tissues. It compares the human body to a house structure. Collagen acts like a "rebar" in the body and can provide support!

It can also maintain the vitality of the elasticity of cells, skin and joints.
16% of the human body is protein, and collagen accounts for about 30% of it.
The fiber that supports tall plants is cellulose; and the fiber that supports animals is collagen. Collagen is elastic so that animals can move freely, it depends on collagen!

Key Point-Small Molecules Collagen 

Collagen Peptide, a hydrolyzed collagen peptide with Hydroxyproline, was tested in Japan. Using human skin fibroblasts as an experiment, different collagen dipeptides were added to the culture fluid. It can greatly stimulate the proliferation of dermal fibroblasts (more collagen can be synthesized) and the performance of hyaluronic acid synthase. Collagen is not only a raw material for collagen synthesis, it may also directly stimulate cells to achieve skin beauty.

Priority Choose Less Excipients

Compound Is Good Collocation

Replenish collagen powder instead of synthetic chemical excipients-capsule tablets or jelly!

Without artificial flavors and food additives of capsules,tablets and  jellies ...etc 

MayHerbs Pearl powders are used for Medical Glass Bottle, You can have real 100% material with every bite to have safety of mind.  

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