Beauty Herbal Fruity Floral Tea

Caffeine Free

Ingredient: Roselle+ Rose Geranium+ Strawberry+ Rasphberry+ Kiwi+ Mint+Sweet Leaf (Stevia)

Produce: Taiwan

Safety and natural material of tea bags:

  • Natural Non-woven tea bags
  • Free of plastic material PET
  • No bleach cotton threads &metal nails

We make every sip of tea rich and nature for enjoying your pure tea safely.

MayHerbs- Tea rich your life series: Long lasting Steeped, best release the tea flavor with hot water infusion.

Package: 2g x 12bags/ Box

Shelf Life: 2 Years without open

359 TWD

Caffeine Free

Roselle + Rose geranium Floral Tea 

Polyphenol Antioxidant Berries

Raspberry + Strawberry

Material of Tea Bags:

Unique Tea bags of non-woven fabrics , no content PET plastics , no bleach cotton threads and metal nails.

We make every sip of tea rich and nature for enjoying your pure tea safely. 

MayHerbs tea rich life series: using unique low-temperature roasted tea technology, can be long lasting steeped without producing bitterness and theophylline

Aroma Low-Loss processing and Low-temperature roasted tea to keep the tea natural scent. They are biodegradable and environmental producing to be friendly for the earth environment. 

❤️ The tea flavor and taste can be adjusted drinking water according to your preference!

❤️ The tea flavor and taste  can be adjusted according to your preference!