Autumn Snow-White Chrysanthemums

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Nature Herbal -Chrysanthemums 

"Compendium of Material Medicine" records that chrysanthemum is sweet in taste and cold in nature, and has the effects of dispelling wind and heat, calming liver and improving eyesight

Chinese medicine believes that chrysanthemum has a certain effect on dry mouth, eye fatigue, dry pain, sore throat, and painful diseases caused by wind, cold, and dampness.

Special For Who use Computer & Smart Phone Group

"Snow White (Hangbai) chrysanthemum" has a sweet taste. If feel eyes are dry, chrysanthemum tea can make people clear the mind and brighten the eyes. It is especially effective for irritability and dry eyes caused by excessive use of the eyes.

Especially use computer and smart phone group  who often feel their eyes are dry mostly." 

How to choose chrysanthemum products?

Color: Pay attention to whether the flowers are mildewed. The color should not be too bright. The color of white chrysanthemums should be light yellow. Chrysanthemums that are too white may be sulphurized.

Taste: The taste is clear and fragrant. The tea soup is clearer in color than impurities when it is soaked in water. It smells sour and may be over-sulfurized.

Pesticide Residues Free

Chrysanthemums are prone to residues of pesticides. It is recommended that the packaging is complete, the place of origin and the manufacturer are indicated, and the qualified inspection certificate is attached.

Make chrysanthemum tea with you

With medlar to nourish liver and kidney, take 8-9 white chrysanthemums and 5-6 grams of medlar, put them in a tea cup, soak in boiling water for 10-15 minutes, and then drink.

The chrysanthemum is sweet and has a nourishing effect on the liver and kidney. It complements the liver and kidney medlar, which complements each other. It is very suitable for students and office workers who stay up late to study.

Natural for Health

It is good for health when paired with hawthorn and wolfberry. Chrysanthemum tea with hawthorn can help reduce blood pressure and reduce blood pressure. Patients with obesity or high blood pressure can drink in moderation.

MayHerbs selects chrysanthemums produced directly in the season, and it has the highest level of pesticide-free 381 inspection!