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Multi-country raw material patented  certification: the United States, Japan, Taiwan and other raw material patent formulas.

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➢Patented process - 100% natural pure pearls, ultra-fine grains up to 7700Mesh,  complete retention of pearl protein, rich in amino acids, organic calcium and trace elements

➢Patented Collagen Peptide 30000mg, (No.1 Collagen Peptide Manufacturer in Japan)

➢Patented natural cockscomb extract - replenishes lost hyaluronic acid

➣Patented non-deformable type II collagen has multi-national patents to reduce joint inflammation

➣Patented glucosamine has multi-national patents, unique chondroitin, enhances articular cartilage structure and tissue


Glucosamine + Collagen Peptides + Pearl Powder + Natural Cockscomb Extract + Non-denatured Type II Collagen + Soluble Dietary Fiber from Corn (Non-GMO) + Lemon Extract

Net Weight: 90g  (glass bottle for medicine)

1,690 TWD

PEARL POWDER Passed On Centuries

It has been known for many centuries that pearl powder is good for health. Pearls are rich in natural calcium carbonate and amino acids"the perfect ratio of calcium to amino acids and trace elements was created by God. In the pearl"!

Pearl protein, Rich in natural amino acids

Precious pearl protein (Conchiolin), among the 20 amino acids required by the human body,pearl protein contains more than 18 kinds of amino acids and 15 kinds of micro element. Amino acids are the main constituent factors of proteins and play an extremely important role in various physiological functions of the human body.

➢Patented natural cockscomb extract - replenishes lost hyaluronic acid

Key Point-Small Molecules Collagen

Collagen Peptide, a hydrolyzed collagen peptide with Hydroxyproline, was tested in Japan. Using human skin fibroblasts as an experiment, different collagen dipeptides were added to the culture fluid. It can greatly stimulate the proliferation of dermal fibroblasts (more collagen can be synthesized) and the performance of hyaluronic acid synthase. Collagen is not only a raw material for collagen synthesis, it may also directly stimulate cells to achieve skin beauty.

Multi-country raw material patented certification: the United States, Japan, Taiwan and other raw material patent formulas.