Glutathione Pure 98% Comprehensive Powder

Pure 98% Glutathione (GSH) 

FDA-GRAS safety certifications of gained many patents

Pure Glutathione(GSH) from Tourla yeast of human antioxidants, helping liver detoxify, lactic acid-rich bacteria reach to stomach & intestines easily without destruction.

Combine with Collagen Peptide, Cockscomb Extracts ((with sodium hyaluronate), Collagen Peptide, Comprehensive Berry Extract-Cranberry, Strawberry , Blueberry, Raspberry Rich in Vitamin C and Anthocyanin.

Unique formula of European , American and Japanese Patents.

List of ingredients:

Net Weight: 110g

1,780 TWD

GSH Extracted From Food Grade "Torula Yeast" 


Small molecule protein composed of three amino acids glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine. 

Important component of human antioxidant enzymes (Glutathione Peroxidase, GPx for short) and has antioxidant properties. May  help human cells fight free radicals and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

Raw materials used: round yeast glutathione, multiple certifications and patents of the US FDA, who has only US FDA-GRAS safety certification, TFDA approved food-grade raw materials

GSH Glutathione Important 

GSH itself can be synthesized by human cells and has higher concentrations in the liver and kidneys. Among the antioxidants that are enzymes in the body, the most important and efficient are GSH, which can not only fight the body the free radicals produced also can remove foreign free radicals and help the cells maintain a healthier state.

GSH in the human body will decrease with aging, stress, poor diet, poor lifestyle, obesity, smoking, etc.  If the amount of GSH in the body is insufficient, the risk of cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases, degenerative neurological diseases, aging and other diseases will greatly increase.
How to supplement GSH from food has become an indispensable part of the modern diet.

Whitening beyond sun protection

Experts recommendation: Glutathione!

Glutathione (GSH), also known as "the mother of antioxidants", is the main element of liver metabolism and the source of all antioxidant reactions. It is the key to skin! 

It is worth noting that glutathione has a double mechanism for fair skin: during the day, it can directly inhibit tyrosinase and prevent the formation of melanin; at night, it can help to fall asleep, reduce fatigue, and help sleep and beautify, effective Repairs skin after sun exposure.

High purity 98% glutathione

Raw materials used: Torula yeast glutathione, multiple certifications and patents of the US FDA, gained  US FDA-GRAS safety certification in the word only, TFDA approved food-grade raw materials

Choosing  health food, pay attention to whether the raw material source is natural Torula yeast, choose high-purity 98% glutathione, pass the authorization of international manufacturers, food safety certification, journal publication, etc., to avoid unknown sources or use of bacteria Synthesize to protect your health.

Comprehensive Berry Extracts  

Not just beneficial to women also for men 

Berry is well-known for its beauty , and its color helps anti-aging. It has been recommended by nutritionists in Europe and the United States as an anti-oxidant fruit sacred product because of its antioxidant metabolism!

Almost all berry foods have antioxidants, improve immunity and other health care.
The US Huffpost Post pointed out that berries are very high-quality fruits that activate the brain, enhance the skin's luster, reduce neovascular disease and diabetes in the report.

Ruby and Sapphire in Fruits

Fruit Ruby: Cranberry, antibacterial health care rich in flavonoids may benefit blood sugar control,  improve gastroesophageal reflux, improve immunity

North American Sapphire: Natural antioxidant generator, rich in "manganese" nutrients, may help increase physical strength, protect eyesight, vitamin K strengthens bones, is a good dietary fiber to help digestion and defecation, blue black into the kidney for helping from Chinese Medicine
Raspberry: Rich in "raspberry ketone, also known as adiponectin", regulates body metabolism, promotes fat breakdown, prevents body fat accumulation, and improves obesity.

Collagen Peptide

Natural Source Fish Collagen Peptide, the safest and most professional with multiple patents from Japan.

Collagen peptides derived from collagen, small molecular, easy to digest and  fast absorption, skin regeneration ability, soft and elastic, to achieve firmness.
An important substance that maintains the elasticity of body cells, skin and joints.
Collagen exists in our skin, joints, gums, etc., and is responsible for the body's metabolism, maintaining elasticity, supporting adhesion... and other functions.

Priority Choose Less Excipients

Compound Is Good Collocation

Vitamin C can help the synthesis of collagen in the body! With the help of fibroblasts and vitamin C, collagen can be synthesized, it can maintain joint health care and beauty