Red Quinoa Enzyme Extracts-Individual Bag

MayHerbs Red Quinoa Enzyme Extracts

From Taiwan organic farmland with more than 100 kinds of 5 category vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, herbs and seeds.

Special Sugar of ismalto-oligo and L-arabinose

(American Medical Association recommended for diabetes & anti-obesity)

Net Weight: 20ml/bag

115 TWD


Grain Ruby-Taiwan Red Quinoa

Taiwan Red Quinoa " Rich in Nutrients and Plant Collagen⌋

"Such as: Antioxidant total Phenol, Beet Pigment, SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) and Y-aminobutyric Acid functional nutrition, promote collagen new born, anti-collagenase, delay skin aging, prevent wrinkles.
Protect and maintain the function of the end of the body collagen, for the innovative beauty of anti-aging food raw materials, Due to high nutritional values with the benefits of ingredients, known as the "Grain Ruby"

Source: A + & Medical Encyclopedia Wikipedia

100% Taiwan native - Red Quinoa 

Pure Plant Collagen

Unique Extraction Technology

Friendly environment, fresh fruits and vegetables

Unique Red Quinoa extraction technology

Effectively retain Taiwan Red Quinoa nutrition and activities.

Rich in superoxide dismutase (S.O.D.)


Sugar Suppression
Probiotics Promotion

L-arabinose metabolic conversion of sucrose with a blocking action, it control diabetes diet and other aspects of good. American Medical Association included it in the nutritional supplement of anti-obesity agents, prevent constipation, promote the growth of Bifidobacterium.

Five Certificate Guarantees

No Pesticide residues

No Plasticizer
No Heavy metals
No Medicinal Ingredients
No Preservatives

Rich in superoxide dismutase (S.O.D.)

Selected most vitality, zero pollution, five major category of vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, herbs, seeds

100% Taiwan native - Pure Plant Collagen Taiwan Ruby of Red Quinoa


Metabolism Easily

Beautiful Vitality



Just save a cup of coffee every day, milk tea... you can have the full energy of plants

The most important thing to love you every day

Easy Carry Package to accompany with you anywhere

It's your beautiful ambassador when trip or even enjoying great meal any time