MayHerbs Story
MayHerbs Story

Defied Your Concept of Health Foods

There are so many health foods on the market!  Which one do I need? MayHerbs natural way of fermentation extracts

5 categories of over 150 kinds fruits,vegetables, mushrooms, herbs & seeds in the friendly farmland, Individual material Natural Fermented under independent barrels, Without Chemical Artificial Extracts , No Food Additives & Secondary High -temperature of entire processing!

Special Premium Sugar: High-quality Isomalto-oligo saccharides and L-arabinose (American Medical Association recommends diabetes and anti-obesity) reduce sweet burden on our body.

Fermentation Enzyme keep complete retention of nutrients, natural vitamins & minerals. From green environment and sustainable farmland is the future best way!

Natural fermentation enzyme is the best drink every day!

美鉌植萃酵素  MayHerbs Enzyme Extracts
美鉌植萃酵素 MayHerbs Enzyme Extracts
美鉌紅蔾酵素 MayHerbs Red Quinoa
美鉌紅蔾酵素 MayHerbs Red Quinoa

*Plant Enzyme Extracts

*Taiwan Red Quinoa


Plant Fermentative Enzymes

 Plant Enzyme Natural Fermentation Extracts-(Glass Bottle)

More than 100 kinds of 5 categories Vegetables, and Fruits Over 545 days Natural Fermentation                                                   100% Pure Extract Concentrate -Liquid retain Phytochemical and Nutrients, Premium Sugar Isomalto-Oligo & L-Arabinose 

2280 NTD

Red  Quinoa Enzyme Extracts (14 Bags/ Box)

Pure Extract without any water drops , Concentrate - Liquid Red Quinoa from Taiwan organic farmland and more than 100 kinds of 5 categories of plants. Over 545 days Natural fermentation with special sugar of Isomalto-Oligo and L- Arabinose

1580 NTD

Red Quinoa Enzyme Extracts-(14 bags/Box)

Red Quinoa from Taiwan organic farmland with more than       100 kinds of 5 categories of plants. Over 545 days Natural fermentation with unique sugar of Isomalto-Oligo and                L- Arabinose

1480 NTD

Red Quinoa Enzyme Extracts-Individual Aluminum Bag 

Red Quinoa from Taiwan organic farmland with more than 100 kinds of 5 categories of plants. Over 545 days Natural fermentation with unique sugar of Isomalto-Oligo and L- Arabinose

115 NTD

MayHerbs Perl Powder Collagen Peptide
MayHerbs Perl Powder Collagen Peptide

Change your Perception!

No Capsules, Tablets Of Health Supplements

Health supplements are often produced in capsules, tablets, and any other processes, but we use a different method to bring health supplements closer to the natural original way for you! Every bite can eat 100% purified materials instead of artificially capsules and Tablets !! 

  1. Heavy Metal Free
  2. Preservative Free
  3. Plasticizer Free
  4. 100% Pure Perl Powder
  5. Patented Technology of -196℃ Nitrogen fitting grand

100% high-quality pure pearl powder, rich in calcium, minerals nanometer micronization is more suitable for human body absorption.

Perl Powder Collagen Peptide
Perl Powder Collagen Peptide
MayHerbs Glutathione
MayHerbs Glutathione

*Perl Powder Collagen   Peptide 

*MayHerbs Glutathione

Health & Beauty Cares

Pearl Powder Collagen Peptide (Medical Glass Bottle)

Selected 100% Pure Micronization Pearl Powder up to 7700mesh , first conjugated Collagen Peptide in 30,000mg

Adopt U.F.S.I.G low-temperature patented process, retain pearl protein intact, rich in amino acids, organic calcium and trace elements

Combining formulas of America, Japan and Taiwan patents.

2180 NTD

Glutathione -Elastic Beauty (Medical Glass Bottle)

FDA-GRAS safety certifications of gained many patents, Pure 98% Glutathione (GSH) from round yeast of human antioxidants, may help liver detoxify, lactic acid-rich bacteria reach to stomach & intestines easily without destruction.

Combine with Collagen Peptide, Xylem, Comprehensive Berry Extract-Cranberry, Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry Rich in Vitamin C and Anthocyanin.

Unique formulas of European, American and Japanese patents.

1680 NTD

Herbal Series- Production Trace

Autumn Snow is what we named for Taiwan's Chrysanthemums. Born in Spring, Flourishing in Summer, Harvest in Autumn and Storage in Winter represents "Hangiu" through growth and tempering after a year.

Complete production history of the origin,

Passed 381 inspections for pesticide-free,   No artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, artificial colors,  No preservatives

100% natural delivery from farmers directly!

Autumn Snow-White Chrysanthemum (Bottle)

No pesticides residues , no food additives, no preservatives

258 NTD

Autumn Gold- Golden Chrysanthemum (Bottle)

No pesticides residues, no food additives, no preservatives

268 NTD

MayHerbs Health Snacks
MayHerbs Health Snacks

Health Snacks -No Artificial Additives

More natural way to rich your dessert! Our Health Snack series may not suitable for you, If you like Additives Snack Series!

No Artificial Sweeteners, No Artificial Flavors, NO Artificial colors, No Preservatives, No Frying.

More Healthy Snack Product made from 100% raw ingredients and agricultural products. New Options for your peace of mind!

Suitable for vegetarians, ovolactone, milk vegetarian and vegan

Mushroom Jerky -Vegetarian
Mushroom Jerky -Vegetarian
Rice Sandwich Rolls
Rice Sandwich Rolls



Health Snacks

Mushroom Jerky-Vegetarian Ovo-Vegetarian 

The newest choice for the healthiest vegetarian jerky

Mushroom stalks, high fiber, Low oil and Low salt,

Retain the flavor of shiitake mushrooms.

179 NTD

Rice Sandwich Rolls-Assorted (Purple Sweet Potato+Milk) 


100% Taiwan Rice, Gluten Free, Non-Deep Fried

Whole Grains of Nutrition

159 NTD

Rice Sandwich Rolls-Spicy Peanut  Vegan

100% Taiwan Rice, Gluten Free, Non-Deep Fried, Daily Nuts.

It will tickle your taste buds!

159 NTD

Assam Black Tea Leave Cookies  Ovo Lacto-Vegetarian

 Use Assam Tea Leaves to make our Cookies delicious

No Preservative, Artificial Flavor and Coloring, Non fried

159 NTD

Linseed Thousand Crisp Bar  Lacto-Vegetarian

Great Grain- Linseed

No Preservative, Artificial Flavoring & Coloring, Non Fried

139 NTD

Brown Rice Thousand Crisp Bar    Lacto-Vegetarian

Brown Rice of best nutritious grain

No Preservative & Baking Powder, Non Fried

139 NTD

Enrich your health foods