Our Story


Plant Fermentative Enzymes

We came from a small town of agriculture in Yunlin Taiwan, Every village and town are each hard-working farmer who irrigates the land with loves. They are very kindness and reliables. It is the true goodness, kind and beautiful of my hometown, this is a natural healthy garden irrigated with loves.

We are not a well-known brand, no rich resources, no any budgets for advertising marketing, etc ...

But we have a same persistence as you. Every step we take is extremely difficult. Every time obstructed the dream and reality cannot be synchronized. We got a lots of supports and Loves who really love our products When we were going to give up.....            It is the power of love to make you are brave to go on.

This is a different way from mainstream market. Natural fermentation extracted and friendly environments of green energy manufacturing products.

This is the best way we give back to the Creator of God!